Handmade Prototype and 3D drawing

First key Step--Handmade Prototype and 3D Drawing

Design & Handmade prototype and 3D drawing – the miracle of handmade prototype

In order to test if the correctness of our design,our masters are going to make a handmade prototype with their wisdom  and   vision.Handmade prototype is the same as ultimate item except for its material and color.Firstly,they carve the shape and interior parts ,and then implement surface treatment.It will take us about 30 days to finish entire artwork.But the point is that the handmade prototype is quite fragile due to the material,it's not so convenient to send to somewhere.So usually our salesman will show you as photos rather than sending the real object to you(you still can ask for it  or come to our factory for making verification,welcome).You need to check them carefully and tell us your suggestion.Remaining steps will go more smoothly if we correct all defects in this step.


Engineers will scan handmade prototype after your several confirmation,then create 3D drawing for molds .

By the way , we can create 3D drawing from your sample directly.In this case,you are able to greatly save your prototype making cost and your precious time.

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