Privacy Policy

1.Trusty worthy staff

Most of the workers in our factory have been working with us for more than 5 years and we have earned trust of all our customers together during this period. No one about leaking information has happened before.

2. Restrained access to your information

All your information is kept only to the relevant contact and the boss.Even our engineers can only get access to the technical part.

3. Technical Support

The engineers are equipped with a "stupid computer",under which they have no access to the Internet so that no information can be transferred through the Internet. And they are not allowed to download the information personally.Additionally, the scanning door is installed in the assembly room so that no products can be taken out of the workshop.

 4.Legal Assurance

The most important characteristic is credibility and integrity.We need sign confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement with every client before the production and keep secret on their copyright.We can not use existing molds to produce products for other customers.Please rest assured that we won`t risk our reputation and go against the law for underserved profit.

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