What kind of strengths if you develop new molds?

Why more and more real car manufacturers are seeking for car model manufacturer to make mass-production models?At the moment,what kind of strengths can bring to you when you developed new molds?

1.We ensure the delivery time,production time after your confirmation to produce!

2.We can provide high quailty products and service which is just for you!Cause we can modify and adjust the mold according to your requirements.We'll  
constantly to give you feedback when during the production Period,and so the whole production process is of great Rigorous!

3.The point maybe you are take into account the Mold cost,am i right?Ok,i can give you 
calculate.The molds cost is fixed and all the mold cost share alike the huge quanity item,maybe the final unit price is much cheaper than which you buy existing products.

4.Molds of Maintenance and Guarantee for free.

Molds advantages.

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